* Note: Fines indicated as F# and listed on accompanying fine schedule

1) Rules

The Alberta Major Soccer League (AMSL) is an extension of the Senior Program of the Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) and as such is subject to all relevant Bylaws, Rules and Regulations of the ASA and the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA).

1.2 All participating teams in the AMSL will be under the direct jurisdiction of the ASA, through the ASA Competitions Committee, during their tenure in the league. The AMSL Commissioner has certain delegated rights from the ASA Board of Directors, as set out in these operating rules.

1.3 Any team that leaves the AMSL through relegation or AMSL approved withdrawal is guaranteed a place within the division in their District of domicile in which they last played before entering the AMSL, or in the top division of senior soccer in their District.

1.4 The AMSL Commissioner and Committee may make temporary rules or regulations governing specific cases or occasions not provided for in these regulations, but which may be necessary for the carrying out of the objectives of the AMSL and in the interests of fair play.  These rules or decisions shall be subject to appeal to the ASA Board of Directors.

1.5 The AMSL will meet via conference call in November and in-person annually the Sunday immediately following the ASA Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the location the AGM has occurred.  If the ASA or AMSL Commissioner deems it required, there will be an additional conference call meeting in April.

1.6 All AMSL Teams must have a representative present at all properly called AMSL meetings, be they in-person or conference call, or be fined $200.  Clubs with both men’s and women’s team may be represented by one representative. Clubs may not be represented by outside clubs.F1

1.7 The AMSL Commissioner will be elected by the membership every other year during that year’s January meeting and serve a two year term. Nominations for this position may be submitted by the membership prior to the January meeting to the AMSL Administrator or come from the floor during the meeting, and the person must be in attendance at the meeting to be elected.

2) Team Eligibility

2.1 Entry for the outdoor AMSL season shall be open to the top four North and the top four South amateur Men’s teams and the top four North (which includes Red Deer) and the top four South amateur Women’s teams in the province, regardless of district or location.

2.2 All teams must be registered with the ASA through their District Associations. No registered AMSL team may play in another league at the same time as the playing season of the AMSL.

2.3 The teams to be entered into the AMSL for the following season shall be based on previous season and relegation-promotion games, unless accepted as an expansion team. Any team participating in the outdoor AMSL season that wishes to withdraw from AMSL must so indicate in writing to the ASA office no later than November 15th of each year. The ASA will reserve the right to designate the replacement team for participation for that season. F2

2.4 All teams must be in good standing regarding league fees, fines and bonds, per the dates set out below.

3)  Registration 

3.1 The following shall be provided to the AMSL Administrator in the ASA office, by each team participating in the AMSL, no later than November 15th of each year: F3

3.1.1    Name of team.

3.1.2    Name, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number of team manager and club president.

3.1.3    Team colors and alternate colors.

3.1.4    A performance bond of $2,000 for teams that have joined the AMSL since 2001, $1,000 for teams that joined the AMSL in or prior to 2000 and have remained a member since that time (bond to be held indefinitely while the team remains in the AMSL): After 3 years if the team is still in the league $1,000.00 of the $2,000.00 bond will be returned to the team.   This bond will be forfeit to the AMSL if the team resigns from the AMSL prior to completion of the team’s AMSL schedule (including rescheduled games and Provincial Finals).   The ASA Board of Directors reserves the right to access this bond if the team refuses to pay any monetary fines or legitimate levies by October 31st each year, and the team must replenish the bond by December 31st in order to remain eligible for continued participation in the AMSL.   This bond shall also be forfeit to the AMSL if the team fails to show for a scheduled (or rescheduled) AMSL game as follows:

  • 1st occasion: $1,000.00 F4 (a)
  • 2nd occasion: $2,000.00 and team’s continued participation subject to review by the ASA Board of Directors and AMSL Commissioner. F4 (b)
  • In both instances, the bond must be replenished prior to the team’s next AMSL game. In addition to teams being charged the administrative fee for a no show, the team will lose three points. Their opponents will be awarded a three-point win.

3.2 The following shall be provided by each team to the AMSL Administrator within the timelines stated below:

3.2.1 Name, address, e-mail address and telephone numbers of the team coach  qualified per section 15 below, by March 9, annually. F5

3.2.2    Name and address of team’s home ground per standards set out in Section 7 below by March 30th, annually. F6

3.3 Due May 1st annually:

3.3.1 Name of a single senior team designated as the AMSL team’s reserve team, along with written authorization from that team’s parent association or club and that team’s current approved player roster. Reserve team roster additions and deletions must be submitted to the AMSL Administrator on an ongoing basis by the District registrar. No addition or deletion is official until it has been received by the AMSL Administrator from the District registrar. Any player who is listed on a submitted roster will be deemed eligible to play AMSL matches from that point forward. The reserve team must be registered in an Alberta Soccer Association District.  These players will be considered as AMSL players and may only play in a division as prescribed by their local District rules. It is not mandatory for teams to have reserve teams. F7

Small Districts Clause:  Districts other than Edmonton and Calgary can use their entire men’s or woman’s league program as “reserve teams”. Small district teams who declare a specific reserve team are no longer allowed to use their entire men’s or woman’s league program as additional ‘reserve team’ players.

3.3.2 Each AMSL team’s roster of eligible players signed to that AMSL team, being not less than 16 players no more than 25 players, on the standard ASA team roster form. F8 AMSL roster additions and deletions must be submitted to the AMSL Administrator on an ongoing basis by the District registrar. No addition or deletion is official until it has been received by the AMSL Administrator from the District registrar. Any player who is listed on a submitted roster will be deemed eligible to play AMSL matches from that point forward. Each team is allowed to dress 20 players per game.

3.3.3 Youth players who participate in the AMSL will be identified as “Y” beside their name on AMSL game sheets. F9

3.3.4 Reserve team players will be identified as “R” beside their name on AMSL game sheets.  F10      

3.3.5 Classics/Master guest players will be identified with a ‘C” or “M” respectively beside their name on AMSL game sheets.  F11     

3.4 Due July 31st: each team’s final roster of signed players for Provincials, must be submitted to the AMSL Administrator. F12

4)  Player Eligibility

4.1 All relevant rules and regulations of the ASA and the CSA apply to player eligibility in the AMSL. Teams must familiarize themselves with all such rules, including but not limited to transfer rules, non-amateur reinstatements and seven-day waiting periods, etc. Ignorance of such rules will not be accepted by the AMSL as an excuse for a team playing an ineligible player.

4.2 Each player including reserve team and youth players, and team official (excluding female attendants), must have an ASA approved photo identification card, issued by the player’s local District or league office, at each game or they will be considered an illegal participant in the game.

4.3 Any registered youth player is able to play in the AMSL.

4.4 All AMSL players must be a Canadian citizen, a legally landed immigrant or a legal refugee claimant. (CSA Rules for National Competitions 3.2)

4.4.1 Proof of Canadian Citizenship, landed immigrant status or legal refugee claimant for all players on an AMSL roster must be submitted to the ASA Administrator prior to the first game they play. Note: Reserve team, youth trialist, Classics and Masters guest players are exempt from this requirement.

4.5 A player on an AMSL roster (3.3.2 above), who transfers to a lower-division team, will not be eligible to play up for an AMSL team, even as a reserve team player, subsequent to the date of the transfer until the completion of that season.

4.6 Youth players playing up in the AMSL must have AMSL Youth Trialist forms signed by their parent or guardian and youth team coach for each game, which must  be submitted to the game officials prior to the game (if single game version) and then to the AMSL Administrator with the game sheets. The Full Season version of this form allows a youth player to be eligible for any game noted during the current AMSL season if signed as noted above. This form must be submitted (once) to the AMSL Administrator prior to the first game this player participates in and will be held on file for the season. The player’s name must still be noted with a ‘Y’ on games sheets for all games the player participates in during the season. F13   District youth trialist forms may not be substituted for AMSL Youth trialist forms. F28

4.7 Players who participate in the AMSL must be on the AMSL roster, a Reserve team roster or youth roster, notwithstanding the Small District Clause outlined in rule 3.3.1 above.

4.8 All Laws of the Game from the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) will be adhered to with the exception of:

4.8.1 Minimum of eight players per team on the field to start a game. A team with fewer than eight players on the field, 15 minutes after the scheduled kick-off time, will be considered a no-show and will forfeit the game.

4.8.2 Where the identity of a player declared on the game sheet of an AMSL game can be proven to be someone other than the person named, the offending team shall forfeit that game.

4.8.3 Substitutions will be as defined in Section 5.2 below.

4.9 Each team may use unlimited reserve players in any given game. There is no limit to the number of youth/classic/ masters players a team can bring up for any game.

5)  Game Format

5.1 Duration of game

5.1.1 All games will consist of two 45-minute halves.

5.1.2 There will be a maximum of 15 minutes rest at half time.

5.1.3 There will be no overtime periods during any AMSL league game.

5.1.4 If a game has to be abandoned due to weather (or other considerations), and a minimum of 60 minutes has been completed, then the result shall stand. If less than 60 minutes has been completed, then the game shall be replayed and the AMSL Administrator shall reschedule it.

5.2 Substitutions

5.2.1 A maximum of five substitutions will be permitted during the course of play, and these substitutes must provide the officials with a properly completed substitution slip prior to entering the field of play. At half time, unlimited substitution is permitted without the use of substitution slips, but the officials must be advised of the substitutes entering the game and the players being substituted.

5.2.2 Substitutions can be made at any stoppage of play (at the referee’s discretion), and the substitute must enter the field at the halfway line.

5.2.3 A substitute must report to the designated game official prior to entering the field of play.

5.2.4 A player who has previously been replaced in the game by a substitute shall be allowed to return to the game but that return shall be considered one of the five allowed substitutions, unless it occurs at half time.

5.2.5 No substitutions shall be allowed for a player who has been ordered from the field for misconduct.

5.2.6 In relegation-promotion games requiring a result, unlimited substitution will be permitted at the completion of regular time. No substitutions, in addition to the five allowed substitutions during play, will be permitted for either Men’s or Women’s teams at the change of ends in extra time. No substitutions will be permitted by any team at the completion of extra time when kicks from the penalty spot are to follow the extra time period (other than that specified in the FIFA Laws “Kicks from the Penalty Mark–Procedure,” bullet point 8.

5.3 Team Colours and Numbering of Jerseys:

5.3.1 When the referee decides that the playing shirts of the opposing teams are difficult for him or her to distinguish, the home team shall be allowed to wear their designated home colours and the visiting team will be obligated to change jerseys.  Goalkeepers shall wear colours which plainly distinguish them from all other players (including the opposing goalkeeper) and game officials.

5.3.2 All playing shirts must be clearly numbered. The number on each player’s shirt or jersey must correspond with the number listed with that player’s name on the game sheet, except when a player is ordered off the field to replace a bloodied uniform (a shirt with another number may be worn by that player provided the referee is advised of the new number and the player’s name prior to that player re-entering the field).

5.3.3 AMSL jersey patches must be either sewn or sublimated on left jersey sleeve of all home and away jerseys. F29

6)  Officials

6.1 Officials for AMSL games shall be scheduled by the ASA Referee Committee Assignment chairs and District Referee Assistants where applicable, or alternate ASA designated assignors when required. Only officials listed on the current list of eligible officials will be assigned to AMSL matches.

6.2 Officials on the AMSL list shall have no less than a District qualification and shall have completed and passed the fitness test as required for his or her classification. Where possible, FIFA, National, Nominated National or Provincial referees will be assigned as referees. Fourth officials will be provided for all games, with no less than a District level.

6.3 An appropriately qualified ASA or National Assessor will periodically assess AMSL officials during the season.

6.4 All game officials will be paid the AMSL approved senior match fees for the current season.

7)  Venues 

7.1 Fields must meet or exceed FIFA minimum standards (100 yards long and 50 yards wide, minimum) and have goal posts per FIFA standards complete with nets, as well as four corner flags and two flags to mark the halfway line.

7.2 All games shall be played on fields that are marked per FIFA standards except that the optional mark is not required for AMSL games.

7.3 All venues may charge an admission fee to all spectators over the age of 14, and may sell season passes.

7.4 The home team shall retain all admission fees.

7.5 The rental costs of the venue shall be the responsibility of the home team.

7.6 The home team shall be responsible for crowd control.

7.7 Sheltered change rooms, with showers, are mandatory when ever possible.  Should showers be unavailable at the site of play the home team will provide alternate shower arrangements.

7.8 In the event that games involving a team which has traveled from the North to the South, or the South to the North, cannot be played on the home team’s ground for whatever reason, the game shall be played on the next best facility available to the home team regardless of field size while providing that it is safe for the players’ and officials’ participation and that it is lined, netted and flagged as per 7.1 and 7.2 above.

7.9 The AMSL shall provide each team with official AMSL game balls, which must be used in all AMSL games subject only to the referee’s decision as to their suitability. F14 In the event that the referee rejects the official balls for that game, the home team shall provide acceptable alternate balls and, failing acceptance of the home team’s balls, the referee shall request that the visiting team supply suitable balls.

7.10 Benches must be provided for each team. There must be a roped-off area separating benches from spectators and a fourth official’s table and chair.

7.11 Wherever possible, boards or signs supplied by AMSL sponsors shall be prominently displayed.

7.12 Where an AMSL team does not have or designate a home venue, then the AMSL Administrator shall book a venue that meets AMSL standards on behalf of that team.

7.13 If team arrive for a scheduled match and cannot play because 7.1, 7.2 and 7.8 are breached, the consequences are as follows:

Home team will be fined $450 to cover cost of official for both matches. F15

The match will be rescheduled to be played at the Away team’s home field.  The Away team will choose two possible reschedule dates where neither team is already scheduled to play, and neither date is a Tuesday. These dates must be submitted to the AMSL Administrator within one week from the originally scheduled match.

These dates will be provided to the Home team who will choose one of them, and the necessary field bookings and referee assignors will proceed as per usual.

8)  Schedule

 8.1 Under the direction of the AMSL Commissioner, the ASA office will create a draft of the next season’s schedule of games, complete with dates, times, venues (when confirmed) and opponents, and forward it to teams by January 15th. The finalized schedule will be sent to teams and districts by February 1st each year. Note: Team requests for off dates, or any other scheduling requests must be received by the AMSL Administrator by December 7th and will not be accepted after that date. The only allowable changes to the completed schedule will be reschedules due to rainouts.

 8.2 Scheduling games at venues per 7.1 above will be done when practical.

 8.3 Under normal circumstances, no AMSL team shall be required to play more than three games in a given seven-day period.

8.4 AMSL league and cup games take precedence over all games except those of the ASA or CSA. There will be no more than 14 days between games whenever possible.

8.5 If a team is scheduled to travel to another city to play and the game must be cancelled due to inclement weather, the home team must communicate the game cancellation to the travelling team by 9:30 AM that day. If the home team does not communicate the cancellation to the travelling team by 9:30 AM, the game will be rescheduled in the travelling team’s city.  F16 If a double header was scheduled and the second game must also be cancelled, it will be rescheduled in the same city as the reschedule of the first game. The AMSL Administrator must also be notified of the game cancellation by the end of the following first working day by the home team.

9)  Points system

9.1 Awarding of points:

9.1.1 The winning team shall be awarded three points.

9.1.2 Teams tying (drawing) shall be awarded one point each.

9.1.3 The losing team shall be awarded zero points.

9.2 Forfeited games:

9.2.1 When a game is forfeit due to one team having fewer than eight players at 15 minutes after the scheduled start of play, or because of a team failing to show up for a game, the opposing team shall be awarded points for a win and a three-zero score.

9.2.2 When neither team has eight players at 15 minutes after the scheduled start of play, or when neither team shows up for a game, no points will be awarded and no score shall be recorded for either team, but the game shall not be rescheduled (i.e., it will be considered to have been played).

9.2.3 When it is discovered that a team, which has won or tied a game, played one or more ineligible players in that game, the game will be forfeit and the opposing team shall be awarded  the points for a win and a three-zero score.

9.2.4 When it is discovered that a team which has lost a game played one or more ineligible players in that game, the game will be forfeit and the opposing team shall be awarded the points for a win and the greater of a three-zero score and the score recorded on the game sheet for their team.

9.2.5 A team, which is discovered to have played an ineligible player, shall be subject to the foregoing discipline and a $100 fine for each ineligible player played in any game. F17

9.2.6 An ineligible player is defined as any player not meeting the player eligibility rules as stated in Section 4 or who is suspended from AMSL league play (whether resulting from automatic or special suspensions) per AMSL Discipline Rules as set out in Appendix “A,” or whose fine(s) have not been paid prior to his or her participation, or who is not properly listed on the game sheet submitted to the game officials prior to the game.

10) Tie Breaking

10.1 The following tie-breaking procedure will apply in prioritized order if teams are tied on points:

10.1.1 Match results between the tied teams.

10.1.2 Greater goal difference in head to head competition between the tied teams

10.1.3 Greater goal difference between the tied teams in all league matches

10.1.4 Greatest number of goals scored in all league matches

10.1.5 Coin toss

11) Team Standings

11.1 Teams will be listed based on the number of points obtained in AMSL games with first place and the AMSL trophy going to the team with the highest total points.

12)  Relegation and Promotion

 12.1 May 15th is the deadline for non-AMSL teams for declaring, through their respective senior leagues, their intent to challenge the lowest-placed AMSL team. The challenge shall be made public. A North team can only challenge a North team and a South team can only challenge a South team. Any challenging team must also pay a $1000.00 bond to their home district when declaring their intention to challenge. This will be paid to ASA only if the challenge occurs and will be refunded if the challenge is unsuccessful.  In addition, the challenging team will bear the cost of the field rentals, referee and game fees for the challenge. The bottom South team and the bottom North team in the AMSL is the team that is going to be challenged. If there is more than one team that qualifies to challenge an AMSL team, those teams shall have a play down to determine a winner. 

12.2 Any challenging team, either Men or Women, must play in the top division of senior soccer in their District, and such division must consist of a minimum of four teams. If the highest-placed team declines to challenge, then the next-highest-placed team may so challenge, and so on. Districts may choose not to forward a team’s challenge due to stricter eligibility rules than those contained in the AMSL Operating Rules, and such a team shall not be eligible to challenge for promotion to the AMSL.

12.3 If there is a challenger from within the same District as the lowest-placed AMSL team, as well as a challenger from another District, the two challengers must play each other in a home-and-away, two-game, total-points preliminary competition, with the winner proceeding to the relegation-promotion challenge with the lowest-placed North or South AMSL team. The winner of that series will be placed in the AMSL for the following season.

12.4 If teams from more than one District challenge in accordance with 12.1 and 12.2 above, then the challenging teams must first play off to see who will be the challenger to the lowest-placed AMSL team in their section. If two teams challenge, the playoff format will be as in 12.3 above. If three or more teams challenge, whether or not including a challenger from the same District as the lowest-placed AMSL team facing the challenge, all challengers will play a round robin at a neutral site, with the top team in the round-robin proceeding to the relegation-promotion challenge with the lowest-placed AMSL team. The winner of that series will be placed in the AMSL for the following season. Major League teams will be allowed to use their roster players and reserve team players but no youth play-ups or over 35 players after August 31st. The Challenge team must use their registered roster as of August 31st, with no reserves, youth play-ups or over 35 players.

12.5 No reserve team of an AMSL team may be a challenger for promotion to the AMSL.

12.6 Any such AMSL relegation-promotion challenge shall consist of a two game series. The first game to be played at the home field of the challenging team, and the second game at the home field of the AMSL team. Both games to take place as agreed upon between the dates of September 6th and 14th by the teams concerned. If the two teams cannot reach a consensus, the ASA will choose the dates. Two 15-minute halves of extra time shall be played at the end of regular time of the second game if the teams are still tied per the AMSL tie-breaking rules set out in Section 10 above. If at the end of the extra time, the teams remain tied, then kicks from the penalty spot shall be taken as per FIFA Laws to decide the winner.

12.8 Performance bonds will be repaid within 30 days to any team relegated by a game or games played under 12.7 above.

12.9 A full performance bond of $2,000 will be required from any promoted team within 30 days of the completion of the relegation-promotion games. The challenge bond will be applied towards the performance bond.

12.10   All costs associated with a challenge series in a single District will be charged back to the respective senior league in that District, and not paid by the AMSL. The participating District will be invoiced following the challenge for this amount.

12.11 All costs associated with an inter-district challenge series will be charged back equally to each participating respective senior league. The participating Districts will be invoiced following the challenge for their share of this amount.

12.12 The top three North teams and the top three South teams from both Men’s and Women’s after regular season play will represent the AMSL in the Provincial Championships. If there is a challenge from an outside league, it will be treated with the same rules and procedures as Relegation and Promotion, but the two game series will be played the week following the final scheduled AMSL game of the season for the applicable division. The teams concerned will choose the dates, and if they cannot reach a consensus, the ASA will choose the dates.

13) Discipline 

13.1 All disciplinary matters will be governed by the disciplinary code set out in Appendix “A.

14) Support of Sponsors

14.1 It is recommended that all traveling teams stay at the official AMSL sponsoring hotels.

14.2 It is recommended that all teams and game officials use the uniforms and equipment supplied by the official AMSL equipment sponsor, whenever reasonable procedures and lowest prices have been applied.

15)  The AMSL Executive Committee – Commissioner, District Representatives and the AMSL Administrator.

16)  Coaching Qualification

16.1 All AMSL teams must have a coach certified to the full Community Coach, Soccer For Life, National or equivalent certification level.

16.2 All coaches, assistant coaches and managerial staff of AMSL teams must be CPIC security cleared prior to the start of the AMSL season. Photocopies of the CPIC clearance forms must be presented by the applicable district when requested by the ASA.

16.3 Failure to comply with 16.1, without dispensation under 16.4 from the ASA, of 16.2, will result in disciplinary action being applied to the coach and/or the District, but will not effect the final outcome of any AMSL games.

16.4 A two-year dispensation may be granted from the commencement of the current season for new coaches who do not meet the requirements of 16.1 upon application to the ASA and upon review of the club’s certification plans.

16.5 As per C.S.A Rule 4.4 E) there must be an official of the same sex on the bench at all times. F18

17)  Statistics

17.1 The AMSL Administrator, who will be an employee of the ASA, shall maintain and regularly publish updated statistics covering categories, which the AMSL believes to be pertinent.

17. 2 At the completion of season play, the AMSL Administrator shall publish a final statistical report, which will be appropriately distributed after approval by the AMSL Commissioner.

17. 3 The home team is responsible for submitting the home team and away team games sheets, home team and away team youth trialist forms and misconduct report for all AMSL games, to the ASA office via fax or e-mail to the AMSL administrator by the end of the first working day following the game and ensuring the game score has been recorded on them. Failure to meet these responsibilities will result in one warning.  Subsequent offences will result in a $100 fine for the home team. F19

 Appendix A – AMSL Discipline

A.1 General

A 1.1 Discipline to AMSL teams shall be based on the information contained on the games sheets, misconduct reports and other reports submitted to the AMSL following each game.

A 1.2 Referees shall record all cautions and ejections issued during a game on the applicable game sheets and summarize same on the misconduct report. Each assigned official for that game must sign each game sheet and the misconduct report.  The referee will also be required to submit a report giving all pertinent information surrounding the ejection of players and/or team officials and/or team supporters within 48 hours of the completion or abandonment of the game.  A misconduct form must be completed and signed as noted even when no discipline has occurred during the game. 

A 1.3 Game officials, AMSL officials or AMSL game representatives on duty at a game must submit a detailed report on any other incident which occurs between the teams, their staff and/or supporters whether before, during or after a game, within 48 hours of the game.

A 1.4 Each team in an AMSL game must ensure that they sign the misconduct report after its completion by the officials and receive the appropriate copy of each team’s game sheet and the misconduct report once signed by both coaches.  Failure of team staff to obtain those copies will not be an acceptable excuse for not being aware of their teams and individual players current discipline status.

A 1.5 Refusal by a team official to sign the misconduct report will not negate the report and the team will not be permitted to appeal any resulting discipline.

A 1.6 Each club is responsible for the actions of its teams, team officials and team supporters who are taking part or present an AMSL game.

A 1.7 All cases involving assault on, or threatening behavior towards game officials shall be referred to the ASA office and identified offenders are suspended indefinitely pending appearance at an ASA Discipline hearing.

A 1.8 Individuals who have been listed on a game sheet will be deemed to have participated in that game.

A.2 Discipline

A.2.1 All Discipline of the AMSL, other than mandatory suspensions shall be dealt with by the ASA Discipline Committee.

A.2.2 All hearings shall be held in accordance with the rules of the ASA and CSA.

A.2.3 All ASA minimum notice rules apply to the AMSL, unless waived by the player or teams involved.

A.2.4 All results of the discipline hearings shall be promptly communicated to the team managers by phone within 48 hours and in writing within 7 days of the hearing.

A.2.5 A minimum of three members of a Discipline Committee must be present to form a quorum.

A.3 Suspensions and Fines

A.3.1 Suspensions and fines as stated below shall be in effect for the current season.

A.3.2 All suspensions shall be automatic and will not involve a hearing by the AMSL Discipline Committee unless:

a) An appeal is launched by the relevant player/team, or

b) A hearing is requested by the AMSL Commissioner

A.3.3 All fines must be paid to the AMSL via the ASA office and must be received by the same prior to the player’s participation in the next AMSL game.

A.3.4 A hearing before an ASA Discipline Committee will be mandatory if a player or coach is charged an offence under any of the following AMSL Discipline Rules:

  • A.4.1 (d)
  • A.4.2 (d)
  • A.5.1.1 (d)
  • A.5.1.2 (d)
  • A.5.2

A.3.5 Teams must monitor their own discipline status as double-headers and time constraints will often not allow the AMSL to communicate to the team their discipline status prior to the team’s next game, and playing of ineligible players will result in discipline as outlined in Rule 9 of the AMSL Operating Rules.

A.3.6 Suspensions and fines will be applied even if the game misconduct report or game sheets were not submitted to ASA within the submission guidelines.

A.4 Yellow Card Offences

A.4.1 The following discipline for Yellow Card accumulations shall apply to play and be automatic.

a)  Three Yellow cards = One game suspension

b) Additional Two Yellow cards = One game suspension + $50 fine F20

c) Additional One Yellow Card = Two game suspension + $50 fine F21

d) Additional One Yellow Card = Player suspended until appearance before ASA Discipline Committee for further disciplinary action.

e) Two yellow cards issued to a player in a single game will not be counted as accumulated Yellow Cards but will be counted under the Red Card accumulations below.

A.4.2 Two Yellow Cards issued to the same player during a single game

a) First occurrence = One game suspension

b) Second occurrence = One game suspension + $50 fine F22

c) Third occurrence = Two game suspension + $50 fine F23

d) Fourth occurrence = Player suspended until appearance before ASA Discipline Committee for further disciplinary action.

A.5 Red Card Offences and Ejections

All red card offences and any team official ejections will be reviewed by the AMSL Commissioner, who may then refer the matter to the ASA Discipline Committee. The ASA Discipline Committee will then determine if more severe  penalties then noted below will be applied.

A.5.1 The ASA Governance Policy on Discipline and Appeals Appendix C – Discipline Penalties will apply to all Red card offences with the addition of the following:

a) Any second offence will also carry a $50 fine. F24

b) Any third offence will also carry a $100 fine. F25

c) Any fourth offence – Player is suspended until appearance before ASA Discipline Committee for further disciplinary action.

A.5.2 All team staff ejected from a game by the referee will serve an automatic       one game suspension.

a) Any second offence will also carry a $50 fine. F30

b) Any third offence will also carry a $100 fine. F31

c) Any fourth offence – Team official is suspended until appearance before ASA Discipline Committee for further disciplinary action.

A.5.3 Any coach who is a spectator at a game they are suspended from participating in is prohibited from using all electronic communication devices at the field from 45 minutes prior to kick off to final whistle. Any such reports shall result in extended suspension for the team official until appearance before ASA Discipline Committee for further disciplinary action.

A.6 Where Suspensions Apply

A.6.1 Suspensions per A.4 and A.5.1 above may only be served in AMSL games and/or challenge games.

A.6.2 Suspensions per A.5 above must be served in AMSL games, Provincial, Regional and/or Provincial Final Competitions.

A.6.3 All game suspensions not fully served as per A.6.2 above shall be served in the next AMSL season.

A.6.4 Yellow cards accumulated but not resulting in a suspension shall expire with the current season and will not affect the next season.

A.6.5 AMSL suspensions will not restrict a player and/or coaches’ participation in Provincial, National or International Select programs.

A.6.6 Suspensions of Reserve Team players from AMSL will be served in the AMSL.

A.6.7 Suspension of a player registered on both the AMSL team and a Youth team will apply to AMSL games and that player’s home district will be advised of the suspension.

A.6.8 Notification of suspensions will be sent to Provincial Select team coaches where applicable.

A.7 Appeals

A.7.1 Decisions of the Referee in matters pertaining to the Laws of the Game are final and no appeal of those decisions will be heard.

A.7.2 An appeal related to automatic discipline must be lodged with the ASA Discipline Committee within five days of the date of the game in which the discipline came to apply. (No fee)

A.7.3 An appeal of the decision of the ASA Discipline Committee to the ASA Standing Committee must be lodged with the ASA within five days business days of the date of official notification of the decision. This request must be accompanied by a $500 appeal fee made payable to the ASA. The ASA Discipline Committee ruling will remain in effect pending the outcome of this appeal.

AMSL Fine Schedule


Corresponding Rule



Rule 1.6



Rule 2.3

Withdrawal of team after deadline will result in forfeiture of team bond.


Rule 3.1

$100 team fine for late submission



(a) $1000 (b) $2000


Rule 3.2.1

$100 team fine for late submission


Rule 3.2.2

$100 team fine for late submission


Rule 3.3.1

$100 for late submission


Rule 3.3.2

$100 fine per player per game below the minimum


Rule 3.3.3

$25 per game sheet where not indicated


Rule 3.3.4

$25 per game sheet where not indicated


Rule 3.3.5

$25 per game sheet where not indicated


Rule 3.4

$100 District fine for late, per roster


Rule 4.6

$100 team fine


Rule 7.9

$100 team fine


Rule 7.13

$450 Home team fine


Rule 8.5

$100 Team fine


Rule 9.2.5

$100 team fine for each ineligible player


Rule 16.5

$100 team fine


Rule 17. 3

$100 Home team fine for all occurrences.


Rule A.4.1 b)

$50 team fine


Rule A.4.1 c)

$50 team fine


Rule A.4.2 b)

$50 team fine


Rule A.4. 2 c)

$50 team fine


Rule A.5.1 a)

$50 team fine


Rule A.5.1 c)

$100 team fine



$100 team fine for any team who does not submit a Coach and MVP of the year ballot.



$100 fine for each time an unregistered team official is noted on a game sheet.


Rule 4.6

$100 team fine



$100 team fine per game


A.5.2 a)

$50 team fine


A.5.2. b)

$100 team fine

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