The Alberta Major Soccer League (AMSL) is the highest level of elite soccer in the province of Alberta. The AMSL provides competition to the top men’s and women’s teams in the cities of Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer and Lethbridge.

The AMSL was established back in 1992 by Mr. Bill Malone (current Commissioner), Mr. Mike Traficante, and Mr. Adrian Newman, who had a vision to offer the best competition for the most elite players in Alberta. This revelation created a league with the best competition in the province which advanced senior soccer in Alberta, and led to the high standard of play it's achieved today. Truly Alberta is the envy of all provincial leagues, as currently the AMSL is the only provincial league established within Canada.

Since its inauguration, the Alberta representatives winning provincials have had great success at CSA Nationals. In the men’s competition, teams from Alberta have won six (6) National championships in the past 22 years, While the women’s division has won eight (8). Winners on the men’s side include Edmonton Ital-Canadians, and Calgary Caledonian and on the women’s side teams such as Edmonton Victoria and Edmonton Angels.

Currently the AMSL is operating strongly from a competition perspective, as well financially. The Alberta Soccer Association has always managed the league with pride and efficiency, and are privileged to run this league.

Based on the success and quality of the AMSL, many youth organizations in the province have come to Alberta Soccer, expressing a desire to establish an AMSL for youth clubs, which would provide the same level of competition and assist the future elite talent of Alberta for years to come.  Discussions are currently in progress for this league, the Alberta High Performance League.

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